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Zamp-Kelp / Mindexpanding Program / 1967 – 1968

2021 Central Saint Martins graduate Jann Choy has created an inflatable mask that reacts to your online behaviour.

2020 London-based designer Freyja Sewell has created eight decorative face masks, made from commonplace objects including felt, yoghurt pots and pool table triangles, in honour of coronavirus key workers.


Algaculture (2010) / « Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta in the project Algaculture propose enhancing humans with new bodily organs populated by algae.

Insects au Gratin (2011) / « For many people, putting a full insect with all its texture in their mouths would be a challenge. Susana Soares in the project Insects Au Gratin reinvents insect cuisine using 3D printing.

Cow of Tomorrow (2015) / « In his project The Cow of Tomorrow, artist Paul Gong proposes implementing a tiny turbine in the artery of the cow, allowing it to use the blood flow to harness energy. 

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