Studio Alchimia

Dunne & Raby, »Not Here, Not Now: Publi-voice », 2015 Video still © Dunne & Raby
Stelarc, The Third Hand, (1976-1980) Stelarc had a “third hand” produced for hi by a group of Japanese robotic engineers, which matched the size of his own right hand. It was activated directly by the electrical signals of his abdomen and leg muscles...
À gauche : « Third Hand », Stelarc, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya 1980. Photographe : Simon Hunter. À droite : « Third Hand Diagram », Stelarc, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya 1980.


Willy Guhl

Willy Guhl’s Circulatory Bathtub compared with conventional bathtubs, 1956, Design Collection, Museum für Gestaltung ZurichImage: Courtesy of Willy Bärtschi © Heirs of Willy Guhl



Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky, dit) Design for a portable shield 1938

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